Learn to create with code and share your designs with friends on the imagiLabs app 

Create with code and share your designs


👩‍💻Our designers and developers have created a delightful mobile experience to complement the imagiCharm. It teaches a real programming language called Python.


🐍This Python is not a scary snake – it’s a fun way to create your own designs and share them with your friends.

🎨The imagiLabs app comes with basic tutorials to help you turn individual LED lights on, change their colour, and even turn on multiple lights at the same time using loops. It’s a bit like learning how to put Lego blocks together.


👑Once you know how they work, you’re ready to get creative with your own 8x8 grid. In the process, become a coding queen and master your first programming language.


Customize your imagiCharm

What is imagiCharm?

imagiCharm is a colorful accessory designed for girls to customize directly from their mobile phones. It has 64 LED lights that can be programmed to light up in any color, meaning it can take on new designs and shapes every day – even multiple times a day.

What can you do with imagiCharm?

Girls can wear imagiCharm on their backpacks, tote bags or jeans. They can hang it on their keys, wear as a necklace, headband, and even earrings. Its an all-in-all accessory that’s different every day.

How does imagiCharm work?

imagiCharm uses Bluetooth so you can program it at home or on the go. No cables or previous programming experience are needed. The best part is that you do it all from your phone.

Join a Community

Meet other girls who share your interest in technology and showcase your creations within our community.

You can like, comment, tag, and even try out each other’s code! Community + collaboration = no sticky bug situations. Help each other code more complex creations and brainstorm crazy ideas together.


What Others Say

Anna, 14 years old,

Felicia, 14 years old

I love it! It's a simple and fun way to learn how to code. It is also good because you can test yourself without it doing anything if you happen to make mistakes.

The way ImagiLabs teaches how to code is amazing and I’ve learnt so much. The workshops are really fun and with the app you get the opportunity to code whatever you want.

Now I understand what you use coding for!

Sofia, 11 year old,




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